Who We Are…

Govinda’s catering follows the principle of healthy food brings a healthy mind and body. We have years of experience in delivering this unique healthy nutritious pure vegetarian food to our customers. Our philosophy is dedicated to inspiring children to feel good in their body, mind and spirit through nourishing enjoyable meals.


What we do…

We supply fresh nutritional vegetarian meals to Academies, Primary and Secondary schools and other educational establishments across the country. 

Our meals are carefully crafted and prepared to include all the essentials nutrients that children need.

We work hard to ensure the food we deliver is nourishing incredibly tasty and even more importantly food that they enjoy.

How we’re different…

We work closely with the school and include school councils, staff, and parents in the menu development. Another important part of our service is to assist the school in educating children about the food they eat and the different types of food around the world.

With specialising in pure vegetarian and Asian vegetarian cuisine, we can cover all your vegetarian catering needs included Insert day lunches, and other hospitality for events and functions within your school.