Govinda’s catering follows the principle that healthy food brings a healthy mind and body. We provide pure fresh, carefully crafted nutritious vegetarian meals in Avanti schools supplementing essential nutrients required by the children including vitamins B and D, minerals like calcium, iron and omega-3 in accordance with the Independent School Food Plan (published by the Department for Education). The menu for Avanti Meadows would be customised according to the preferences and food choices of the population, after a taster session tentatively scheduled on the 4th of July, 2021. We follow exceptionally good food preparation & hygiene practices and have appropriate measures to provide safe food options to children with pre-existing food allergies or intolerances. We use gluten free ingredients where appropriate and natural alternatives of white sugar like date syrup, coconut sugar, maple syrup, stevia etc. and are introducing new healthy ingredients like quinoa, sunflower or pumpkin and flaxseeds to optimally balance the school meals. Flapjacks, for example is made using maple or date syrup which is commonly loved by the children.

Another important part of our service is to assist the school in educating children about the food they eat, nutrition, food sources and the different types of food around the world. ‘I firmly believe in the ethos set by Govinda’s and aim to educate the students regarding the importance of Food & Nutrition in wellbeing and promoting healthy eating habits’ says Arpita Jain, the in-house Nutritionist and Trainer at Govinda’s. (Qualification- MA Food Business Management, MSc Food and Nutrition). She believes that proper nutrition plays a crucial part in children’s growth & wellbeing, as they learn better and are often more productive. She teaches the children about the principles of healthy eating and the importance of nutrition to help them make informed food choices by exploring topics such as (see hyperlinks below to see resources for EYFS):

  • Importance of drinking water
  • Let’s eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy eating- The Eatwell guide
  • Food sources: Where food comes from- Plants or Animals?
  • Chinese New Year Foods
  • Healthy Teeth Healthy Me
  • My vegetable friends
  • Salt and health
  • Microgreens
  • Food waste
  • Going Veggie for the environment
  • Honey
  • Healthy Bananas
  • Food taste
  • Grains

Our Menu

Download our 3-week rotating menu for Avanti Meadows here. In addition a salad bar, fresh breads, jacket potatoes with daily topping and fresh fruits are available every day.

Our menu:

  • Includes all 5 food groups (use of wholegrains over refined grains, high quality vegetarian protein sources, healthy fats & oils, seeds- flaxseeds, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, no white sugars, use of natural fruit sugars)
  • Healthy cooking methods (fermentation, baking, roasting to avoid frying of foods)
  • Qualified chefs, cooks & kitchen assistants
  • Follow of food safety and hygiene practices
  • Use of fresh seasonal ingredients wherever possible (to avoid processed foods)
  • Use of a wide range of herbs and spices to enhance food flavours and replace salt; No added salt
  • Provision of water after meals for adequate hydration
  • Food education to students about nutrition and healthy eating

A vegetarian diet is full of vitamins, minerals, fibre, unsaturated fats that protects children from chronic diseases in later life. e.g. chickpeas have high fibre, amino acids compared to chicken breast, flaxseeds for omega-3 & 6 (healthy fats) as opposed to salmon & meat alternatives such as pea protein, soy protein etc.

Our menu consists of:

Two main options including different cuisines Indian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese etc.

Jacket potatoes



Endless Fruits

Endless Salads

The nutritional content for the school meals are in accordance with the government regulations (School Food Plan) which includes fruits & vegetables and salads, starchy food, milk & dairy, protein (dairy & non-dairy) and low quantities of fat, salt, sugar. The portion sizes of food depend on each meal, lunch forms one-third of the daily intake. We make sure that those requirements are met & make amendments where necessary.

We are working to make the data regarding school meals as efficient & transparent as possible through Cypad, a software that allows pre-ordering, meal selection etc.

We also plan to get accredited with Food for Brain to enhance learning, memory development & improved concentration through school meals.

We are currently working to create edible gardens in Avanti schools, that provides gardening opportunity to children and community to fight mental health problems, loneliness, stress, etc.

Personnel Overview:

Chef Manager: Suman Mandal

Suman has a great calm approach to work and life, very career-minded, and always going the extra mile for the client and pupils. He is an international chef having worked in restaurants and schools in England, India, and Italy including the Michelin Star restaurant Joya in Torino.

In 2018 joined Avanti and worked as Chef in Pinner High School then due to this hard work and quality of workmanship was promoted to Production Chef in the new Avanti House Secondary School. Suman gained and learned fast the various styles of catering and bought his worldly knowledge to the menu.

With the opening of Avanti Fields in Leicester Suman was promoted to Chef Manager and helped with menu development which was finalized with the input from Parents and Pupils. He can communicate at all levels and interacts with pupils to get feedback, and find their likes and dislikes with taster menu samples for the next round of menus.

Suman is now looking to move to Hertford and settle with his family, Avanti Meadows School would be enhanced by his culinary skills and approach to life. He is a humble man always willing to learn and pass on his skills and knowledge. 


Production Manager (HIT)  /  Food Safety Level 3   /  Allergies

First aid  /  Fire Warden  /  Health & Safety  /  Safeguarding

Procurement System Manager

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