Govindas follow the guidelines set by the Goverment inconjuction with The Food School Plan. The food school plan is based on a bases that one third of the student daily meal is nutritionally balanced at school. As the vegetarian diet is in some area deficient in vitamin B and D, minerals and Omega 3, we have been working with West London University to look at the nutrition balance of our menus. Introducing new dishes and ingreidents using products such as quiona, flaxseed, pumkin, sunflower, Vitamin D milk and many more products to give a more nutritonal and balanced meal to the students. We are currently using alternatives to sugar, such as using date sryup , agave nectar and other natural sugars.

In-house Nutritionist

Arpita Jain, M.A., M.Sc, is a Nutritionist and Trainer at Govinda’s, Avanti Schools Trust. Arpita studied Food Science & Nutrition Management from the prestigious college, J. D. Birla Institute affiliated to Jadavpur University, India. She is a Gold Medallist and has won awards for “Best Presentations”. She is a student member and university representative of the Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) & currently pursuing double masters in Food Business Management at the University of West London, UK where she is the recipient of International Student Ambassador Scholarship. She is extremely fond of teaching the principles of healthy eating and nutrition to help children make healthy food choices. Till date, she has covered topics such as Food labels, Importance of drinking water, Let’s eat a rainbow, Eatwell guide, Sensory science and continues to explore other interesting topics.